The Photographic Process

At its core Nathan's photography is ground in conceptual, stylized imagery. Be it commercial, editorial, or portraiture the underlying philosophy is to deliver artistic and engaging images to all clients regardless of the subject matter. In order to achieve this Nathan approaches all his work with the same creative outlook as he would any fashion or conceptual photoshoot, applying his own styles and techniques to create unique and memorable images. It is his belief that while simple, standardized product photos have their place these are not the types of images that grab the viewer, and that in order to capture an audience one has to convey a sense of wonder and imagination that only a creative approach can provide.

BN4A0972-Edit Color Work-2.jpg

A Creative Approach


Section in here showing an actual grid of standard product photos and basic images next to one of my stylized shots. Compare and contrast, literally show them the difference.

Probably expand this section vertically, allowing a proper comparison to be established. 

Use anchor navigation along the side and have more clear sections?

Maybe a section showing behind the scenes setups with BOTH models and products, show how the same level of care and intricate lighting setups is going into both things. Maybe use sketches over images showing compositional notes? Maybe this goes first, as it is the first step in the process.

If we show behind the scenes it needs to be fairly deliberate and with elaborate setups.