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Nathan McKeever is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Northern California. After getting his degree in 2014 Nathan immediately began working as a photographer full time and has 6 years of experience in marketing and freelance fields.

Whether shooting commercially or personally his photographic style focuses on creative, conceptual imagery designed to capture attention and evoke emotion. Ever a student of the craft, Nathan applies his photography to a broad range of subjects and experiences throughout his life, looking to find fresh inspiration and expand his skillset through a broad range of experiences.

When not behind the camera Nathan can generally be found editing and planning his next creative endeavors. On the very rare occasions that he's doing none of the above he has a passion for playing music, getting into nature, and good beer mixed with good company.


How will I get my photos from you? 

I generally use a wonderful service called Pic-Time to deliver galleries of completed photos. You can share, download and otherwise manage your photos from there at your leisure

Will I receive RAW, unedited photos?

No. You will only ever get fully polished, finished images. Selecting and processing these files is in integral part of the photographic process, and to deliver anything else would mean the job is not done!

Will I receive every photo taken?

No. Just as above, selecting the very best photos is part of the art, and you will only receive select images. Every photoshoot involves a large number of redundant photos to ensure each shot is captured as perfectly as possible and to give minute variations to choose from. 

How many photos will be delivered?

That depends heavily on the type of shoot, but will always be discussed prior to booking. For instance, commercial or product shoots that use heavy retouching will generally feature far fewer photos than typical portrait sessions. My emphasis is always on quality over quantity, preferring carefully crafted photos to a shotgun approach.

Do you travel?

Ideally, yes! While I currently operate out of Northern California I frequently work in SF, Sacramento and beyond. When traveling more than an hour to a shoot I may charge IRS standard mileage rates, viewable here:

How do you determine pricing? 

Rates vary depending on the type of shoot, but when possible I prefer to do pricing by the number of delivered images rather by than by the hour. While the number of photos and time spent do directly correlate I would rather spend an extra few minutes nailing the final shot than have there be stress over the time spent! For more details please send me a message from my contact page or by emailing me at

What kind of good beer? 

Anything craft is great, but a hazy is always a winner and Sierra Nevada is the hometown hero of beers. 

My Gear 

  • Canon R5

  • Canon 5D Mark iii

  • Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Lens

  • Tamron 24-70 f/2.8

  • Canon 70-220 f/4 IS

  • Godox AD 400 Pro

  • Paul C Buff Einstein

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