Retouching & Editing

Alongside the standard photographic experience Nathan has spent 5+ years doing commercial retouching on a variety of subjects. Experiences include portrait and skin retouching using advanced tools such as frequency separation, both gaussian and median based, as well as detailed studio work involving compositing, color changing, and more. 

Sworks Tropical Before
Sworks Tropical After
Sworks Tropical Composite and Retouch
DansComp BMX Before
DansComp BMX After
DansComp Gold Medal Bike Composite
Jillian Before
Jillian After
Jillian Skin Retouch 
Rose Before
Rose After
Rose Retouch & Color Grading 
POC Before
POC After
POC Helmet Retouch & Color Change
SWorks Shoe Retouch
Nashbar Shirt Photo Edit