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The 52 Week Challenge

There's no better inaugural blog post for this site than to highlight the past years shooting challenge. Just over a year ago I started working on a portfolio website. I quickly realized that the majority of portfolio images I was selecting were not nearly up to the caliber of work I knew I could do, and with a bit of inspiration from one Emily Teague Photography and a few friends I set out on a year long weekly photo challenge to see what I could make. While just as difficult and trying as expected it has also been just as rewarding as I had hoped, and while there are always a huge number of things I wish I had done differently I can still look back and be satisfied with a year straight of planning, shooting and editing.

Before getting to the years worth of images I have a number of people to thank for helping make this all happen. Firstly, thanks to Emily Teague for giving me the idea to being with and being willing to give feedback all year long. Thanks to all the willing assistants, helpers and dog wranglers, for helping facilitate shoots; Shyla for being a go to makeup artist on the short week to week schedule; Jack Knight and The Mondegreens crew for giving me some really awesome shows to capture throughout the year; Michelle for helping make 5 AM LA shoots happen and giving feedback all year; Sara, Zoe, Nikki-Marie for being awesome repeat models; my Dad for being a repeat subject as well in additional to everything else he does; all the other week to week models and people who lent a hand in various ways; and to my good friend Jill for being an excellent model numerous times, giving feedback every week of this 52 Week Challenge, and for all the endless help and support through all the stress and challenges that I probably could not have finished this year without. Thank you all!

Without further ado I give you my 52 Week Challenge.

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